Episode 470: A Wizard Did It

September 3rd, 2015  / Author: Dave


Tattoos, getting chucked from bars and human rights! A wizard makes the apes go bananas! Burgers! Washing your car! It’s a mouthbreather comment bonanza episode.

Also the absolute capitulation on the government’s duty of care which is the confused, incomplete and failed health and safety legislation.

A note: This was recorded August 30th. Had it been recorded a few days later we would not have been so flippant about human rights issues at the top of this episode given the stories currently in the headlines.

Episode 469: Cor Blyney!

August 30th, 2015  / Author: Dave

Hey, how’s it going!?

Sorry if we were a bit late in getting this to you, it’s been a busy month.  By way of compromise you can check out Dave talking on Wellington Access Radio’s NZ Music show (link to 24mb MP3) about his group You Barbarians, and their new release.

In the news: the stockmarkets took everybody on a screaming roller coaster of headlines.  And Jeremy Corbyn is here so that other people can tell you it’s stupid to vote for what you want.  The anglosphere Left all moved to the centre over the past couple of decades – is the concentional wisdom that this is how you do things able to explain itself this time around?


Episode 468: Land of Milk and No Money

August 16th, 2015  / Author: Dave

Hi!  There’s a ton of new music out at the moment, not to mention the new ways to listen to music also.  Apple Music is here – is it dece?

This was recorded prior to the TPPA marches this weekend, but it was a topic at the forefront of our minds.  Is the PR mission being lost?  In related news; our dairy industry takes another lonely step towards the wall with prices hovering at or below the break-even point for NZ farmers, all while details emerge of the legnths to which our government will go to in order to help out a single sheep farm on the other side of the world.

Is it Key’s time to go anyway?  Your mates in the boardroom (might) reckon.  Over the pond Abbott finally kinda deals with Bishop, and the right wing stand up and fight for your right to a beer during the rugby world cup.

And hey, Dave’s band You Barbarians is releasing its debut EP this Friday the 21st.  Check it out, come have a drink upstairs at JJ Murphy’s on the 21st from 8pm and say “hey, Dave, congrats on taking two years to finish a five-song record. Can I purchase a copy please paying cash right here? My mother doesn’t let me purchase items off the internet with a credit card” and I will say “Thanks, sure, I’ve got download cards and also beautiful hand-foiled digipak CD versions available.  Which would you like?”.  Alternatively you can pre-order online, mate.  It’ll be a good time.

Episode 467: Ladies

August 13th, 2015  / Author: Dave

Hey how’s it going?

Today we delve deep into the national psyche via the mixed paradigms of opinions on journalism, the man drought, and the pervasive miscellenous suburban feeling that everything is just fine, shut up and go away.

Also! The breathalyser she couldn’t refuse! The Barenstæin Bæars freakout, and Dave’s band has its freaken debut EP coming out NEXT WEEK.

Episode 466: Noodles

July 30th, 2015  / Author: Dave



The National Party had its conference this past weekend.  Just what’s still in the tank 7 years into government?

Fast food news: most everything in the world has changed and requires reevaluating.  Secrets, lies, noodles, rice.

Special report: do you love science, or do you love living science? Yes you.

And either sport or beer came next, can’t remember!

Change to our RSS feed

July 27th, 2015  / Author: Dave

Hi folks – some housekeeping:  The podcast feed has changed.  If you use iTunes this will have updated automatically, but if you use another podcast client please make sure the RSS feed you use is changed to http://theegonomist.libsyn.com/rss.

Let us know if you have any issues, char

Episode 465: Len’s Grinding

July 26th, 2015  / Author: Dave



Hi, how’s it going?

In less serious news; Len Brown parked an electric car for a minute over a unoperational cycle lane, and will pay the price.

In more serious news, serious issues are coming to light with the management of for-profit privately run Mt Eden prison.  The company in question, Serco, is no stranger to controversy and has a history of mismanagement in an industry where that carries a real human cost.

Episode 464: Chuffin and Puffin’

July 15th, 2015  / Author: Dave

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Hey, how’s it going!

In Fast Food News: new escalation in the breakfast wars with some chicken thing Dan likes coz of course he would.  Another oral history on smoking – this time the roll-your-own-revolution.

And in News News: how does the government persistently quote expert advice which is directly contradicted by those experts?  Easy!  We talk the Bill English biography and also the Greek debt crisis, as you do.

Episode 463: Hark The Herald’s Angels Sting

July 12th, 2015  / Author: Dave

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Hey, how’s it going!?

The Labour Party team up with the Herald for a race-baiting remix of a song you’ve heard before.  Also at the Herald, damage control protocols swing into action in response to response to Pebbles Hooper’s response to tragedy.

Episode 462: The Agony And The Ecstasy

June 30th, 2015  / Author: Dave

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Hey!  Giovanni Tiso is with us again for round two.  Check his writings at his blog or at Overland.  Check the

Doctors call for legal MDMA – how has drug liberalisation worked around the world?  What can be done in an internationalised drug market?  Greenpeace hit the roof!  Nick Smith is on a roll, becoming the embodiment of heartless government policies which kill, deprive and don’t actually exist.

And breath strips.

Thank you again, Gio – this was a lot of fun!