Episode 425: Land of Milk and Chocolate

October 27th, 2014  / Author: Dave

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Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Milk has fundamentally destabilised our nation.  There’s the soviet-esque queues in supermarkets being policed by hired muscle to tut at.  And there’s the apparent widespread health effects this nation is going to collectively suffer thanks to unthinking stereotype consumers replacing such staples as bread, rice and water with a fancy fat and sugar laden product which is, by its very newsworthiness, too scarce to get a hold of.  We lead tonight with Stuff Nation’s comments on this tragic story.

Also; now that we’ve had the campaign it’s time for National to tell us what their policies are. Straight out of the blocks is employment relations reform.  What is motivating these punitive changes – is it an attempt to distract the Labour Party from itself?  Or something more?

Episode 424: Matters of the Heart

October 23rd, 2014  / Author: Dave

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Last night the Labour Leadership husting came to town.  Certain speeches were made.  What’s going on in this race for the top job?

Also, Fast Food News and Mouthbreather Comments collide in a single Sino-Kentucky event.

Episode 423: This Is Spinal Tapp

October 12th, 2014  / Author: Dave

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Simon Tapp remains in the area as we plow through rich fields of content.  What was the 2012 Doha Climate Change conference like?  Don’t read the wiki – Simon was there.  That’s not all he knows.

Also the new cabinet appointments have been announced.  Who’s moved up, who’s moved down, that kind of a yacka.

Episode 422: It’s a Tapp

October 9th, 2014  / Author: Dave

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Simon Tapp joins us to talk about everything.  How did the Green Party do this election?  What is the Green Party?  What does the Green Party feel?

Also on the agenda is Labour’s leadership things, agriculture and sharks.

Episode 421: Two-Faced Stool Pigeon

October 4th, 2014  / Author: Dave

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Aaaaah there’s a lamb with two faces!  Also Invercargill is filling up with pigeon droppings.  And while nobody was looking, prisoner labour slipped uncontested into the centre of New Zealand politics.

And in the world of music we talk Radio Over Moscow, Aphex Twin, this music video, Veruca Salt, DJ Shadow, Tricky, misc others.

Episode 4:20: This Week On 24…

September 30th, 2014  / Author: Dave

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Hey, we had an election.

This episode is about that election.

It’s also about how Labour and Cunliffe reacted, are reacting and should react to that election.

That’s about the size of it.  Note the bonus feature-length.  Lucky you.

Episode 419: Feeble Empire

September 21st, 2014  / Author: Dave

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This episode was recorded on the eve of the Scottish referendum, and as Fiji went to the polls in its first post-coup democratic election.  Though separated by half the world, both nations are still coloured by a shared empire – a structure of abnormal authority which stretched the globe – which influences the decisions they make today.  On the cultural side, remnants of this empire include golf and ska, which naturally we also address.

Obviously we’ve had somewhat of an election ourselves between the time this was recorded and released.  Have a breather and we’ll be back later in the week.

Episode 418: Broment of Truth

September 18th, 2014  / Author: Dave

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Hi – this is our last episode before the election, so there’s some stuff.

Colin Craig’s PR PR disaster disaster.  Winston on the warpath.  And the much-hyped “Moment of Truth” event where… well.  Intelligence and domestic spying; why this matters, and why it matters that we have probably been lied to.

Episode 417: Hurlnalism

September 14th, 2014  / Author: Dave

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Hey how’s it?

This was recorded prior to Greenwald’s interview, but even prior to that the election was heating up.  Political journalists are ever more the subject as well as the medium of reporting from the front lines – how’s that going?

Also, booze, vice and morals on the hustings.  How much more casked RTD raspberry vodka mix must be spilt in this horrible war?

And we conclude our MBC segment on jelly jollies from last episode.

Episode 416: Took Them Long Enough

September 11th, 2014  / Author: Dave

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Hi, sorry about the wait.

Voting is happening.  You can vote.  Also, medieval ranged weaponry, and part one of our MBC Investigation into jelly genitalia.

Importantly, Darren Watson was in court today, and YOU can help with his crusade by attending the Off Key fundraising concert this Sunday the 14th, 4pm at SFBH.  Or if you can’t make it to the event but still want to put some coins in the purse of all that’s good and right with sticking up for artists to say stuff then do that here: https://www.pledgeme.co.nz/projects/2543