Episode 406: I’M THE WINNER

July 13th, 2014  / Author: Dave

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Ola!  In this episode we discuss football, sports, and the effect of both on USA politics.

Also; Education! The politics, the pragmatism, the idealism and all the slings and arrows of having children in the centre of an election campaign.

If a man shoots an electorate office  in the north, and nobody from the mainstream body politic is on the other side of the gun, does it make a sound?

Also we discuss the moral failings of the past fortnight; military assaults on civilians in Gaza, and the ever increasing crime against humanity which is Australia’s refugee policy.

And in our regular segment “Mouthbreather Comments” we take a look at the contentious issue of childhood myths.

Episode 405: Man

July 10th, 2014  / Author: Dave

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There are two parts to this episode so plan your listening accordingly.

First, we have a laugh about a couple of dance parties and an attempted petty theft.  Textbook Egonomist stuff.

Then after that we talk about Tania Billingsley, the very brave woman who has come forward to discuss her case.  You can read the essay she’s written on this, and the wider cultural issues it highlights, here.

Her clear, decisive and determined voice is in sharp contrast to the waffle and noise coming from those officials who have been administering the situation at which she is both the centre and at the same time so far removed.  Is the indifference she’s been faced with symptomatic of institutional issues?

Also, on the topic, Labour released a policy to end violence against women and children.  Naturally, this was met with utter derision.

Episode 404: Supermarket Forces

July 1st, 2014  / Author: Dave

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Hi how are you.

ACT announce that they think schools should be more like supermarkets and then trust the media to work out the finer details.  What’s wrong with all all all of that.

Also, the National Party had their conference last weekend, which was happening at the time of recording, and so I assume we talked about it but I don’t know for sure.

Episode 403: The Follicle Is Political

June 29th, 2014  / Author: Dave

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School rules or school sucks?  That’s the level of the questions being raised this week in the wake of a student who had almost as much hair as he had media exposure.  It was long, shambolic, and saw frequent calls to just wrap it up already.  What do Facebook users think of the court’s judgement on the issue?  You’re about to find out.

Also, an auckland-based muckraking outfit with designs on being taken seriously as journalism took to an anonymous post on the internet to declare its impartiality.  The Herald have had a rather odd time of it lately.  Certainly this is just the way of things and not their fault whatsoever.

Episode 402: Kids These Days

June 22nd, 2014  / Author: Dave

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In the news; do kids do better at single sex schools?  Some Facebook users have some opinions on that.  Also, considering there’s an election coming up, we take a look at the rest of the news.

Episode 401: Ring Ring

June 18th, 2014  / Author: Dave

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Hi how’s it going.

Thanks for coming to our party! It was amazing.

What’s up?  There’s trouble at McDonalds, Dan still has all his mattresses, and David Cunliffe forgot a thing.  Here we go, here we go.

Episode 400: The Future Never Happened

June 11th, 2014  / Author: Dave

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Hey how’s it going?

ARE YOU COMING TO OUR PARTY?  The answer is actually yes! Deets on the FB.

Today in the news: is the culture of high-level tech threatening the future of our species? Yeah a little light subject for ya there out of nowhere.  Further reading as mentioned within: Mouthbreathing Machiavellis Dream of  Silicon Reich (far better an article than I sold it).  The twitter account of “silicon valley’s last cultural critic“.

Also Dan makes good on his promise of a recurring segment: MouthBreather Comments.

Episode 399: Carbon’t

June 5th, 2014  / Author: Dave

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HEY! Come to our party.  It’s NEXT WEEKEND! You can click on these bits from the iPhone app now so check out our Facebook for details. 8pm, Blarney Stone, 14th June.  See you there.

The Greens have made headlines by unveiling a financial policy which has climate change issues at the centre.  That’s The Greens, the party primarily of ecological concerns. I’m as surprised as you are.  Also, Labour have outlawed foreigners… or have they?

Episode 398: Bucket List

June 3rd, 2014  / Author: Dave

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It’s our party on June 14th!  That’s so soon!  8pm at the Blarney Stone above Molly’s.  SEE YOU THERE.

Today we discuss odd couplings; McDonalds and high performance sport.  Kim Dotcom and the revolutionary left.  John Banks and manure (may not be that unusual).

Episode 397: Hust and Puff

May 27th, 2014  / Author: Dave

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Hi, how’s it going?  COME TO OUR PARTY! June 14th at the Blarney Stone (Molly Malones 3rd floor).  See you there mate.

Presumably as part of some minimum pricing enforcement, National have selected two ex-lobbyists who have previously shilled for major tobacco interests as electoral candidates.  Who does this?  Also, we discuss smoking, quitting smoking, restarting smoking, quitting smoking etcetera.

Also; motorways, drones, UKIP and political racism in, and by, Europe.  Yup, we’ve hit topics of both personal substance use and European history in the one episode.  It’s a long’n.